Initiative on the UN Genocide Convention

A Call to create an Independent Committee to review the Genocide Convention

Initiative Supporters

We are privileged to include as supporters for the initiative many distinguished individuals from the fields of international politics, economists, diplomacy, the private sector and civil society.

Supporters for the Initiative include:
  1. Dr. Guy Axtell - Ethical Reasoning Coordinator for CORE Education Programme, Radford University; USA
  2. Hashim Dafalla Ahmed - Political activist; Sudan
  3. Prof. Helen Sissons - Senior Lecturer, Journalism, AUT University; New Zealand
  4. Prof. Hogan Sherrow - Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology, Ohio University; USA
  5. Dr. Loai Deeb - President , Global Network for Rights and Development (GNRD); Switzerland
  6. Ivan Rod - Journalist
  7. Prof. Jacques Poulain - Professor, Univeristy of Paris; France
  8. Prof. Jaime Ferri Durá - Professor Titular de Ciencia Política y Mediador en conflictos Universidad Complutense Madrid; Spain
  9. James Fernandez ? Professor of Anthropology and Social Sciences, University of Chicago; USA
  10. Jane Courntey - Head of Education, London South Bank University; UK
  11. Prof. Jarmila Doubravová ? Professor,  Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University; Czech Rep.
  12. John Jřrgensen - Member of the Danish Social-Democratic Party´s International Council; Denmark
  13. Prof. Judith Keil - Genocide studies and Human Rights, Bay Road University Centre, Michigan; USA
  14. Katherine Haas - Student
  15. Prof. Keith Morton - Professor, Providence College; USA
  16. Keng-Liang Cheng - PhD Candidate, Lingnan University; Hong Kong
  17. Dr. Kevin Lalor - Head of School of Social Sciences and Law, Dublin Institute of Technology; Ireland
  18. Kyle Matthews  - Senior Deputy Director, Will to Intervene Project at the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies, Concordia University; Canada
  19. Dr. Larissa Allwork - Research Coordinator, University of Northampton; UK
  20. Prof. Liz Wright - Professor of Communication, Rivier University; USA
  21. Lloyd Huitson - National Representative of ESN UK
  22. Dr. Loai Deeb - Professor of International Criminal Law, Universitetet i Oslo; President of Global Network for Rights and Development; Director for International Coalition Against War Criminals
  23. Prof. Louis Tavecchio - Professor of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam University; NL
  24. Louise Piel McKay - Program Manager, Human Rights Education Institute of Burma
  25. Marc S. Ellenbogen - Chairman of The Global Panel Foundation