Initiative on the UN Genocide Convention

A Call to create an Independent Committee to review the Genocide Convention

Initiative Supporters

We are privileged to include as supporters for the initiative many distinguished individuals from the fields of international politics, economists, diplomacy, the private sector and civil society.

Supporters for the Initiative include:
  1. Ksenija Turković - Vice-Rector for International Relations and Legal Affairs, University of Zagreb; Croatia
  2. Lamii Kpargoi - Program Director, Liberia Media Center
  3. Dr. Lovro ?turm - Former Judge and President, Constitutional Court of Slovenia; Former Minister of Justice, Government of the Republic Slovenia
  4. Prof. Dr. Lufter Xhuveli - Former Albanian Minister of the Environment
  5. Manuel E. Ventura Robles - Secretary, Inter-American Court of Human Rights
  6. Marcel H. Van Herpen - Director, the Cicero Foundation
  7. Maria R. Markus - School of Social Sciences, University of NSW; Australia
  8. Prof. Martin Seeleib-Kaiser - Head of Department and Professor of Comparative Social Policy and Politics, University of Oxford; UK
  9. Prof. Maryse Conde - Professor Emeritus of Francophone Literature, Columbia University
  10. Massimiliano Nespola - Italian Blogger
  11. The Hon. Merethe Stagetorn - Defense Lawyer, Danish Supreme Court
  12. Michael J. Bazyler - Professor of Law and the "1939" Club Law Scholar in Holocaust and Human Rights Studies, Chapman University School of Law
  13. Milena Gabanelli - Italian Journalist and TV Presenter
  14. Mona Kareem - Journalist, Global Voices
  15. Mudasser Mehdi Khan - Lecturer in International Relations, Islamia University Bahawalpur; Pakistan
  16. The Hon. Dr. Nazar Al Baharna - Former Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of Bahrain
  17. Dr. Paul Chambers - Senior Lecturer in Social Policy, University of Glamorgan, Wales
  18. Peter Tatchell - Director, Peter Tatchell Foundation
  19. Piet Devos - PhD Candidate, Modern Romance Literature and Culture, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
  20. Prof. Dr. Prudencio García - Senior Researcher, Fundación Acción Pro Derechos Humanos
  21. Purusottam Bhattacharya - Professor Of International Relations, Jadavpur University; Calcutta
  22. Rachel Pulfer - Executive Director, Journalists for Human Rights
  23. H.E. Amb. Ranko Vilovic - Ambassador of Croatia to the UN
  24. Prof. Ray Murphy - Director, Irish Centre for Human Rights, National University of Ireland Galway
  25. Refik Hodzic - Director, Stop Genocide Denial Initiative