Initiative on the UN Genocide Convention

A Call to create an Independent Committee to review the Genocide Convention

Initiative Supporters

We are privileged to include as supporters for the initiative many distinguished individuals from the fields of international politics, economists, diplomacy, the private sector and civil society.

Supporters for the Initiative include:
  1. Prof. René Lemarchand - Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of Florida
  2. Dr. Rexhep Meidani - Former President of Albania
  3. Ribal Al-Assad - Founder & Director, Organization for Democracy and Freedom in Syria
  4. Rifet Bahtijaragic - Journalist, Founder of Non-killing Balkans Forum
  5. Robert Kotroczo - News Director, RTL Klub; Budapest
  6. Robert Valencia - Journalist, Global Voices Online
  7. Roy Speckhardt - Executive Director, American Humanist Association
  8. Sanar Yurdatapan - Head, Initiative for Freedom of Expression - Turkey
  9. Dr. Solomon Passy - Former Foreign Minister of Bulgaria; President,  Atlantic Club of Bulgaria
  10. Sivan Gangadharan - Associate Professor in Department of Visual Arts, Assam University; India
  11. Sonia Boczek - President, Polish Forum of Young Diplomats
  12. Stephen Keim - President, Australian Lawyers for Human Rights
  13. Ursula Steiner - Head of International Office, Natural Science and Technical Academy
  14. Prof. Dr. Vasile Puscas - Former Minister of European Affairs of Romania
  15. Vera Besse - Chairperson, SOL - People for Solidarity, Ecology, and Lifestyle
  16. Vera Jovanovic - President, Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  17. Dr. Vito Breda - Lecturer of Law, Cardiff Law School
  18. Yehuda Stolov, Ph.D. - Executive Director, Interfaith Encounter Association
  19. Minister Zlatko Lagumd?ija - Minister of Foreign Affairs, Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  20. Zvonimir Paul Separovic - Former Minister of Justice, Republic of Croatia
  21. Aine Hughes - Peace Building Coordinator, Caritas South Africa
  22. Prof. Allen E. Shoenberger - Professor of International and European Human Rights, Loyola Law School; USA
  23. Anahid Kassabian - James and Constance Alsop Chair, School of Music, University of Liverpool; UK
  24. Dr. Anna Gottschligg-Ogidan - Assistant in the Department of African Studies, University of Vienna; Austria
  25. Birgit Andersen - International President, Women's International Coalition (WICO)