Inter-Parliamentary Alliance for Human Rights & Global Peace (IPAHP)

The IPAHP Human Rights Program

About the IPAHP Human Rights Program

The IPAHP is committed to the ongoing struggle to ensure basic global human rights standards throughout the world. The IPAHP believes that the implementation of such universal standards is a necessary step on the path towards prosperity and global stability, which eventually will lead to global peace. In pursuit of this goal, the IPAHP has initiated its Human Rights Program, which is composed of projects that are dedicated to the most urgent issues and global challenges of the time. Each of these Human Rights Projects includes human rights initiatives on different levels, which are all fully interactive and open to the general public.

The Projects are based on the fundamental principles enshrined in the UN Charter and major multi-lateral agreements, aiming to inspire decision-makers to promote the implementation of these principles. By doing so, the IPAHP is seeking to inspire and engage governments, decision makers and individuals to become advocates and leaders for ensuring universal human rights. As such, the IPAHP is seeking to ensure the implementation of principles, standards and initiatives that are already fully ratified, accepted and recognized by many of the world's countries.

In addition, the IPAHP is exercising and implementing cultural diplomacy practices as the main tool in order to support its engagement in promoting human rights standards around the world.

The IPAHP Human Rights Program rans the following projects:

Violence Prevention Project »

The Violence Prevention Project aims to initiate programs and activities that will reduce violent conflicts and the use of violence in daily life

“Born Equal Project” »

The Born Equal Project aims to raise awareness of social and economic inequality across the world and engage in activity that reduces this inequality

Corporate Cultural Diplomacy Project »

The Corporate Cultural Diplomacy Project works to encourage and explore the application of cultural diplomacy in the private sector

Environmental Responsibility & Climate Change »

The Project will explore, discuss and promote issues concerning environmental responsibility & climate change challenges

Global Health Security Project »

The Global Health Security Project works to raising awareness of potential threats to global health and to facilitate a global dialogue on ways to improve the global health infrastructure

Sound of Freedom Project »

The Sound of Freedom Project was developed to promote and support free speech and freedom of expression worldwide