"Work Place Initiative 2012-22"

The IPAHP International Work Place Initiative

“Work Place Initiative 2012-22"

The 2008 global Financial Crisis sparked a significant shift within employment possibilities and marked the entrance into a new era of austerity and cutbacks. This shift has adversely affected the younger generations, which are now faced with challenges such as job scarcity, increased competition within the workforce, and lack of genuine preparation for the workplace.

The IPAHP Work Place Initiative aims to provide career support for the youth in order to increase the chances for faster and more successful entrance into their future careers. The initiative is a 10-year initiative conducted by the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance for Human Rights and Global Peace in cooperation with global governance organizations, national governments, civil society organizations and private sector corporations.

The IPAHP Work Place Initiative activities include: international conferences, professional development programs, weeklong seminars, professional workshops and trainings, exchange programs, online campaigns and research in the field. The IPAHP Work Place Initiative is also encouraging and supporting other organizations, institutions and individuals to initiate further programs and initiatives and to facilitate effects of greater magnitude around the world.