“New Peace Conference on Syria”

Initiative to End all Conflicts and Promote Reconciliation in Syria

Addressing the recent International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin (May 17th-20th, 2018), Dr. Rifaat al Assad (former Vice President of Syria), called on the international community to bring an immediate end to the Syrian Conflict. Dr. al Assad stressed that the existing process was "not inclusive nor democratic" and only brings together the Government and the overwhelmingly Islamist opposition.

Dr. al Assad called for a “New Peace Conference on Syria” on Syria under the auspices of the UN, USA, EU, Russia, China, and the Saudi Coalition, a conference that adopts a new all-inclusive approach. Dr. al Assad said that this new conference must be all-inclusive, truly representative with equal rights to all and invite all those who genuinely believe in democracy and in the equality of all citizens under the rule of law, based on the universal values enshrined in the United Nations Charter regardless of religion, ethnic group, sect and gender and who are willing to sign and commit to it. Dr. al Assad added that if such a conference were to be restricted to those who are willing to sign and commit to such an inclusive democratic process, it would automatically exclude all Islamist groups who would definitely not agree to any of those basic rights.

He added that the UN job is definitely not to merely promote a ceasefire in Syria and to find an accommodation between the regional and global powers but also to keep Syria united, complete and take it towards a genuinely representative democracy with a genuine representative and democratic constitution. This would allow all those who have genuine representation on the ground and who are supporting a true democracy (and against both dictatorship and theocracy) and who have been marginalized and not included until now to participate. In turn this would also show to the peaceful majority of Syrian people, that there is a serious process about bringing democracy and freedom to Syria and not just repeating mere slogans.

Following this event the Iman Foundation and the IPAHP established the “New Peace Conference on Syria Initiative” and work with the great powers and partners to create an international coalition that will put the “New Peace Conference on Syria Initiative” together.

The next events of the “New Peace Conference on Syria” will take place in Paris from July 28th – 31st, 2018 and New York City from September 24th-28th, 2018 and will be held parallel to the UN General Assembly Meeting.

The main goal of the initiative is to have a formal UN international declaration that will end the long ongoing conflict and to start the process that will lead to the new democratic Syria.